Molybdenum PRODUCTS

Pure Molybdenum and TZM
Molybdenum is produced both powder metallurgical and vacuum casting techniques. We supply both pure molybdenum of Grade 361 (powder metallurgy) and TZM (molybdenum alloy with 0.5% titanium and 0.1% zirconium) of Grade 364 (powder metallurgy).

• Pure Molybdenum (Type 361)
• Molybdenum TZM (Type 364)
• Molybdenum Alloy with 0.5-0.7% Lanthanum
• Ingots, Bar and Wire (e.g. ASTM B 387)
• Plate, Sheet, Strip and Foil (e.g. ASTM B 386)
• Seamless Molybdenum and TZM Tube
• Custom Parts such as Boats and Crucibles