Grandview Materials Inc. is a materials and solutions company with global operations in the United States and China. Grandview Materials is committed to manufacture and distribute oxide of tantalum and niobium, powder of tantalum and niobium, mill products and machined parts of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, and their corresponding alloys. For mill products, Grandview Materials manufactures a full array of different forms including powder, tubing, pipe, wire, rod, bar, disc, strip, foil, sheet, plate and disc.

With a spacious shipping and receiving facility in New Milford, Connecticut, Grandview Materials solutions impact corporate America by quickly delivering quality products and services on time. At Grandview Materials, products are supplied with satisfaction guaranteed, whether conforming to standards such as ASTM or modified to custom specifications. Since 2002 we have dedicated our full efforts to making high quality higher and good service better.