Grandview Materials China

Jiujiang Tanbre Co., Ltd. has nearly 1,000 employees and is one of the largest smelters of tantalum, niobium and refractory metals in China and Asia. Our major products are tantalum, tantalum oxide, niobium and niobium oxide. Besides we also deliver many other materials such as molybdenum and tungsten. We are located in the beautiful suburban area of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China. Famous nearby attractions include Poyang Lake, Yangtze River and Lushan Mountain.

Well equipped with advanced smelting facilities and innovative technology, Jiujiang Tanbre Smelter has been in operation since 1969. We supply domestic and international markets with more than 50 products. Many of them such as high-purity tantalum oxide, niobium oxide, and tantalum carbide have been awarded national, industrial and provincial Excellent Quality Product prizes.

Yichun Mines of Tantalum and Niobium, the sister company, is the largest mine in China and Asia. For our major products, the annual production capacities of tantalum and niobium are:
• More than 1,000 metric tons of tantalite and columbite processed
• 200 metric tons of tantalum oxide
• 30 metric tons of tantalum powder
• 30 metric tons of other tantalum metal mill products
• 300 metric tons of niobium oxide
• 30 metric tons of niobium metal mill products
• 200 metric tons of ferro-niobium alloy
• 300 metric tons of potassium tantal fluoride

Jiujiang Tanbre Smelter is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Our products are highly recognized worldwide, due to the excellent quality and the competitive price. About 70% of them are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, and Korea.